Wi-Fi, Mobile Among Biggest Network Security Concerns for Small Business


Many small businesses are aware of the need for network security management to keep their enterprise safe from data breaches, especially when as many as 87% of small businesses dealt with a security breach in 2012 alone.

And while internal data breaches from current and former employees are undoubtedly common — 57% of small business security breaches come from an internal, staff-related source — two new threats are increasingly making themselves apparent to network security specialists. Their names? Wi-Fi and the mobile web.

As a growing number of consumers expect the businesses they visit to offer free Wi-Fi, the number of businesses who comply with their customers’ demands has risen astronomically. Yet a shockingly low number of businesses properly encrypt their Wi-Fi networks to protect their data — if they were using encryption at all. Additionally, a stunning number of businesses use default passwords for their Wi-Fi, according to a Naked Security article.

One way to shore up a Wi-Fi network’s defenses? Boost its password’s complexity. Studies have shown that 80% of all data breaches take place due to weak, easy-to-guess passwords! Additionally, hiring IT managed services providers to continuously monitor your business’ Wi-Fi network can take the work of network security management off your hands, allowing you to focus more on your business.

According to a March 25 Guardian article, 95% of businesses studied allow their employees to bring their smartphones into the enterprise’s network whether it’s to use the office Wi-Fi or for another use. Yet 41% of these same businesses were affected by a mobile security breach, proving that mobile network security systems are more needed than ever.

To boost mobile security, the Guardian suggests that small businesses take a multi-faceted approach — it’s no longer sufficient to rely on Google and Apple developers to police their apps and protect businesses from mobile data breaches, especially when the number of mobile competitors to these two giants is growing by the day. With a combined system of traditional network security management, device security and application security, businesses can ward off mobile data breaches.

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