Why the Biggest Threat to Your Company’s Network Security Could Be Coming From Within


Despite all the network security systems and IT consulting services your company invests in, there might not be much to stand in the way of the latest threat to network security management.

Because according to the Department of Homeland Security, your biggest network security threat won’t be coming from an external source — it will likely be from angered, disgruntled current and former employees.

According to VentureBeat, both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are warning companies against potential hacks from these employees, especially former workers who still have the login information needed to access their former employer’s networks and servers.

These workers are able to access their employers’ networks and server information with the increasing availability of cloud computing resources, which lets them hack into a server from a remote location. Companies hacked by their current and former employees have had losses ranging from $5,000 to more than $3 million, Bloomberg reports.

“There has been an increase in computer network exploitation and disruption by disgruntled former employees,” the FBI’s public service announcement reads. “The FBI and DHS assess that disgruntled and former employees pose a significant cyber threat to US businesses due to their authorized access to sensitive information and the networks businesses rely on.”

Studies confirm the major threat that these employees, both current and former, have to any business’ network security systems. Approximately 57% of all small businesses have reported an internal, staff-related cyber breach within the last few years.

How can businesses protect themselves against their own employees? The answer lies in being more vigilant of one’s own network security systems, and staffing network security specialists to monitor any possible cyber breaches. With the assistance of an IT compliance firm, it’s possible to help keep a business’ network safe from being breached from an internal source.

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