Why Do People Hire IT Consulting Services, and What Do They Do?


In the 90s, globalization was one of the big buzzwords of the day. But in 2016, thanks to the internet and new digital technologies, globalization is more than just a word. We can talk with contractors located halfway around the world, videoconference with offices thousands of miles away, and stay plugged in wherever we go, thanks to the cloud.

Yet despite all these changes, some businesses are still operating like it’s 1999. That’s where IT consulting services come in.

Don’t Let the Word “Consulting” Fool You, IT Consulting Services Can Help You Rethink Your Entire Business
If you run a business, then you’ve almost certainly met a few “consultants” in your day who collected a paycheck for, well, not much of anything. So while some business owners are reluctant to bring on IT consulting services, the field is helping businesses of all sizes keep pace with changing technology.

At the most basic level, IT consulting services help clients assess various technology strategies, then choose the IT services that work best for their business. In 1999, that might have meant setting up a few Windows PCs and a company email account. In 2016, IT consulting services can help keep your company from falling behind.

From project management to computer repair and social media marketing, the best business IT consulting firms can meet the technology needs you didn’t know you had. For instance, in an age when 100 billion searches are made on services like Google each month, simple changes to your online marketing presence could create a new sales funnel.

Or, using onsite technology or cloud based tools, you can implement video conferencing equipment that lets your team collaborate in ways never before possible.

IT Compliance and Security in the Digital Age
In addition to driving down costs by making your business more efficient, some businesses are struggling with more advanced digital needs. Doctors, lawyers, banks, and other businesses must protect valuable customer information, at a time when cybersecurity (not to mention government regulations) is on the rise. These threats can range from the mundane (of the 60 billion emails sent daily, fully 97% are spam!), to the extreme (the federal government recently saw a 680% increase in cyber security breaches in a six year period).

If you have advanced IT compliance and security needs, the best business IT consulting services can help you protect yourself from new threats.

So fair warning: if you hire an IT consulting firm, it may just change the way you think about your business for good.