What Is Malware And How Can I Fix It?


Any computer is susceptible to the threat of malware. That also includes your smartphone, tablet, and anything else that relies on software. When your computer experiences problems caused by malware, most people hope the problem will solve itself, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Before we work on solving your computer problems, however, we need to understand malware.

What is it?

Malware is shorthand for “malicious software.” It’s a type of software that was designed by those trying to commit a cyber attack on your computer.

A cyber attack will be for one of many, many reasons. The most common reasons are: the cyber hacker wants to gain access to your sensitive information, or they want to cause damage to a computer. It differs from a virus because a virus is intended to move from computer to computer or network to network autonomously.

How can I tell if I’ve been infected with malware?

Tell-tale signs of a malware infestation are usually mild annoyances. You’ll experience basic computer issues, but these can quickly result in the need for computer services or computer repair.

These inconveniences? Your computer might run a little more slowly and take more time to load your files or apps. It can also result in annoying pop-ups or ads on your computer when you least expect it. One of the most annoying effects of all is your computer crashing or displaying a blue screen. There are always more, but if you notice your computer acting strangely, it’s likely because you’ve been infected with malware.

How does my computer become infected?

Your computer, smartphone, or tablet device could become infected due to a variety of reasons. Spam mail, clicking on pop-ups, visiting unregistered websites — these are all just some of the ways you can get infected with malware. Did you know around 25% of internet searches were made on mobile devices in 2012? No computer software is safe from the potential threat of malware.

How do I fix it?

If your computer has been infected with malware, the only way to ensure the malicious software is gone is by visiting an IT support specialist to fix your computer. Many sites also offer remote services and consultations online or over the phone. When your computer is in need of repair, call ITS Cares to solve your computer problems today.