Types Of Keywords To Make Your Blog Boom


Your blog is essential to your small business’s digital marketing strategy, but you’re struggling to pick the right keywords. Any digital marketing company will tell you that without the right keywords, your SEO strategy is destined to fail. To boost your keyword rankings, consider these types of keywords to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Focus on your market
Many SEO experts recommend focusing only on niche product keywords and long-tail keywords. While those types of keywords are important to your overall strategy, you also need to include more general, broad keywords relevant to your industry. While these keywords are highly competitive and won’t likely get you a lot of internet traffic in a national SEO campaign, you can often rank on these keywords in local searches. Plus, these keywords are essential to defining your site to search engines.

Focus on your customers
First ask yourself this: what kind of audience am I trying to reach? A pet grooming company will want to advertise to pet owners, dog breeders, doggy daycare workers, etc. They’ll focus on these general groups of people before trying to branch out to other audiences. Think about your target customer when you’re generating keywords. For instance, a dentist shouldn’t just target keywords such as “cosmetic dentist near me,” but also more practical search terms such as “repair chipped tooth.” By reaching out to the groups that will need your service through keywords, you’ll be able to connect your business to more people.

Long tail keywords
Long tail keywords are those awkwardly long, highly specific phrases that are going to draw in some of your best search results. Ever see those awkward keywords like “IT consulting firm east end”? These are the phrases you can capitalize on. Though they’re awkward to fit in blogs naturally, they’re a necessity in boosting your keyword rankings. The specificity of the search will lead your client right to your website. These are the realistic searches that your clients are going to type, so having these long-tail keyword on your site or blog will draw more accurate search engine results. Regular content marketing on its own can generate up to a 2,000% boost in your internet blog traffic. Combined with the right long-tail keywords, you can also bring in visitors more likely to convert.

Geo-targeted keywords
This type of keyword usually goes hand in hand with long tail keywords. Tying in your industry-defining keywords with a location will help boost your rankings within your market. Let’s take the basic keyword, “plastic manufacturer”. When you type in plastic manufacturer, you’ll get a bunch of online options showing top plastic makers across the country. However, typing in “manufacturer Los Angeles” is more likely to generate local search results and a map pack. These local searches and keyword rankings give likely customers a much better chance of finding your business’s website.

Keywords can be tricky to fit into your website, but utilizing an online blog can help boost your keyword rankings and get your website more internet traffic. Understanding keyword basics are essential in developing a valuable online marketing strategy. For more information, consider contacting Integrated Technology Services for full-service IT support, including high-impact digital marketing.