Top tips for increasing employee satisfaction


Much like today’s customers, your employees now have more options than ever before, thanks to the rise of workforce mobility and the gig economy. This may partially explain why employee engagement is at an all-time low. With more options available to employees, turnover rates are high, and it’s only getting more difficult to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction and retain the best talent.

Here are some proven ways to make your company a great place to work for:

#1. Lead by example

Most people resent being micromanaged by a taskmaster. Great leadership isn’t just about laying down and enforcing the rules — it’s about setting an example for employees to follow. Good leaders are those who appear relatable to employees, and who aren’t afraid to deviate from their roles when the situation calls for it.

#2. Recognize good work

It’s a common misunderstanding that employee satisfaction is all about financial incentives, but monetary rewards can’t replace recognition for good work. No matter the financial benefits, if employees feel they’re not making a positive impact, then productivity will still end up taking a hit. An increasingly popular strategy is to create a healthily competitive environment using gamification.

#3. Offer engaging training sessions

Training isn’t just a key component of employee onboarding; it’s also an ongoing process that enables employees to become more adaptable to the constant pace of change. But training shouldn’t be academic in nature; instead, it should be collaborative and practical. And by adding a points-based system that recognizes achievement, you can make it enjoyable too.

#4. Maintain consistent communication

Good communication is key to ensuring employee satisfaction, but it’s not just about telling people what to do. It includes providing constant two-way feedback and encouraging team collaboration, wherein employees can have a say in the direction of the company. For example, if you’re thinking about making changes to an important business process, you’ll more likely succeed if you involve the affected employees too.

#5. Measure engagement regularly

Communication should go hand-in-hand with measuring engagement. By showing employees you genuinely care about their work performance, they’ll be more motivated and productive. For example, employee surveys give them a chance to give feedback and reveal opportunities for improvement. You can also offer incentives for employees to participate in company activities.

#6. Automate repetitive tasks

Many office jobs involve an endless slew of repetitive and unrewarding tasks. This inevitably leads to boredom, low engagement rates, and much higher chances of human error. While there will always be some tasks that almost no one can claim to like, automating repetitive manual jobs can boost overall efficiency and allows your staff to focus on their core skills.

#7. Promote good health

Poor health isn’t just bad for employees — businesses also pay the price with reduced loyalty, higher turnover rates, and stunted productivity. The first step in promoting good health is to build a positive environment that prioritizes ergonomics and mental well-being. You should also help employees achieve a better work-life balance by offering flexible working conditions.

#8. Provide the right tools

No modern business can expect to function without the right blend of technology and process. Yet a lot still force their employees to use complicated and unfamiliar legacy systems. Providing the right tools for the job, preferably those chosen based on staff feedback, will help your employees do better at their jobs and derive greater satisfaction.

#9. Break the routine

Every employee has things to do and deadlines to meet, including tasks that most would consider unenjoyable. But you can break your staff’s routine on occasion to demonstrate your appreciation and reward your employees with unexpected pleasures, like quirky team-building events and social gatherings.

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