Top Eight Signs It’s Time to Call An IT Expert For Your Computer


In today’s technological world, it seems almost vital that our computers are running to their fullest efficiency. For business, we rely heavily on our computers being able to do their job. But sometimes, to our greatest frustration, that doesn’t happen and our device is plagued with any number of problems. Below are eight signs it’s time to call your IT provider.

  1. Can’t Connect to the Internet: Without being able to go online, your computer becomes little more than an over-sized block used for solitaire and MS Paint. If you’ve tried everything you can think of when it comes to connecting your device to the internet, you may need to contact an IT consultant to see about getting your computer fixed.
  2. Running Super Slow: Any number of things could be making your computer run slow, from viruses to a full memory card. If your computer consistently isn’t running as fast as it should be, it’s an indication you need computer repair.
  3. Monitor Won’t Come On: If your computer is running but your screen stays black, it may not mean you have a broken computer. It can just mean there is a connection problem between the monitor and computer. An IT expert can help fix that.
  4. Beeping Sounds: A beeping sound may mean your computer needs a new motherboard. Unless you have extensive IT training, this problem is best suited for an IT specialist.
  5. Crashes: If your computer keeps crashing on you for no apparent reason, it may be a sign your computer is infected with malware or a virus or that your graphics card is not up to snuff. This doesn’t mean you have a completely broken computer. An IT consultant firm can help you rid your computer of everything causing it to crash.
  6. Freezes: Another indication of some sort of infection, constant computer freezes are not only exceedingly annoying but can also point to signs that you probably need an IT person to come and check it out.
  7. Too Many Ads: Irritating pop-up ads are nothing to be taken lightly. Too many of them can mean your computer may be infected with a virus. Spam and other problems may result from this as well, with nine out of every 1,000 computers vulnerable to infection.
  8. No Sound: If your computer refuses to give any sound, even with the speakers on full blast, the problem may be internal. An IT specialist can help repair your computer’s sound card, giving you back your computer’s voice.

No one wants a broken computer, especially if your business relies on it. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t figure out the problem. It’s then that you need to find a good IT consulting company to fix your computer and quell your frustration. They can get your device up and running like new again.
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