There Is No ‘Best’ Internet Marketing Strategy, But These 3 Are Excellent


When searching for the best internet marketing strategy, you will be inundated with recommendations on what you should do to make your company visible. There are many methods that people swear by at all costs. Sometimes they are absolutely right, their strategy is great, but is it the best? Reputable marketing firms won’t tell you that any single strategy is the ‘best’, but rather there are many effective approaches. The thing is, it is actually relatively easy to see what is effective in internet marketing.

The way to learn about the best internet marketing strategy or strategies is to simply pay attention to what is being done already. Here are some marketing methods you might’ve noticed while browsing the internet.

  1. Content
    Perhaps the first incredibly effective method of online marketing that you didn’t notice was content marketing. Blogs, much like this one, provide information. This is a service of sorts, but of course, there’s an angle here. Genuine experts in the field of internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization put out helpful and relevant content for prospective customers to consume. If the customer finds value in the content, they are then much more likely to buy the product. This type of marketing is everywhere, it can be difficult to detect, and since it is helpful for informing the customer, nobody will feel like they’ve been tricked into buying a bad product. Believe it or not, 95% of small businesses see blogging as an important marketing tool.
  2. Ads
    Advertisements used to be a bothersome thing that happened for three minutes at a time during your favorite TV show. They might have been annoying then, but at least you had an excuse to go make popcorn. Now though, ads are a completely different. A lot of research goes into finding the right ad to show the right person on the right website. Cookies keep track of what users do off-site, making audience targeting more efficient than ever.
  3. Email Sign-Up Requirements
    Building an email list is huge for internet marketing. It gives companies a way to contact the customer directly and keeps a stream of constant brand reinforcement flowing. Sites that use pop-ups to block the content you want to read might seem off-putting, but they can be effective in sourcing an email following.

Whatever you decide on your marketing strategy, don’t believe people who tell you that they have the ‘best internet marketing strategy’. They are trying to sell you something, and by doing that, they lose their objectivity. Sure, there are better strategies, but there isn’t one that beats out the rest. The key to digital growth is to diversify how you access customers and to provide them the information they need to pick you.