The importance of IT vendor management programs


There’s no shortage of options when it comes to hardware and software. If you’re looking at options in Charleston and surrounding areas, you’re sure to find technology for your specific business needs. But how many different IT vendors do you actually purchase from? How do you keep track of all your warranties and licenses? Who’s in charge of upgrading your devices and systems?

The more vendors or suppliers you have, the more time you need to spend managing them — that’s time you could have spent on more productive tasks. However, finding a single vendor to meet all your IT needs is almost impossible. This is where IT vendor management comes in.

In an IT vendor management program, an outsourced IT support provider — like Integrated Technology Services (ITS) — handles all hardware and software procurement-related tasks. We look into suitable suppliers, gauge and evaluate their product and work qualities, and source and obtain pricing information as well as ensure on-time payments.

Here are a few other benefits of adopting a proper IT vendor management program.

Fewer risks

With IT vendor management, you can keep tabs on your suppliers more closely. You can easily verify their credentials — like qualifications and certifications — and track their performance as well. While some vendors promise great products and services, others deliver only the bare minimum or worse, do shoddy work. Performing background checks are a great way to gain insights into your suppliers’ capabilities.

This increased visibility will allow you to identify and mitigate risks related to operations, regulatory compliance, and unexpected expenses. What’s more, you’ll be able to easily determine which vendors don’t meet your business standards, thereby allowing you to choose one that can.

Optimized performance

You can measure the information you gathered on your vendors’ performance against your contract with them to see if they’re delivering on their promise. You’ll know if they’re complying with your requirements and if they’re giving you more bang for your buck.

The data you collect from tracking vendor performance can also help you recognize problems early on and immediately identify areas for improvement.

Stronger vendor relationships

Working with the right vendors is critical to the success of your business, especially if you plan on working with them for a long time. That’s why it pays to strengthen your relationships with excellent hardware and software developers.

WIth effective vendor management, you can forge strong relationships with your suppliers and ensure smooth transactions and processes as well as VIP assistance and advice.

Cost savings and better value

You can better control costs with the increased visibility provided by an IT vendor management program. And because you’ll have stronger relationships with your suppliers, you won’t always have to pay off-the-shelf prices. You can negotiate better rates or even receive discounts and incentives.

Additionally, outsourcing your IT to managed services providers (MSPs) generally costs less than running an IT team in-house. That’s because an MSP like ITS offers flat fees in addition to fast response times, giving small businesses like yours better value and cost savings.

More efficient data handling

Lastly, a proper IT vendor management program can help you handle vendor information more efficiently. With a central hub for all your supplier data and records, you can easily avoid data loss and duplication. What’s more, you can cut down on administrative costs and errors.

Juggling multiple IT vendors can be overwhelming, but with our help, that’s a problem you’ll never have to worry about. We’ll take care of all your technology needs, from consultations to full infrastructure management.

Let ITS’s technology specialists handle the tech talk with the vendors and make sure you get the best deals on IT. Call us today!

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