The Golden Rules of Internet Marketing


There are many theories and approaches when it comes to Internet marketing, but the numbers simply don’t lie. Through content marketing, you can boost a blog’s traffic by as much as 2,000%, an important point when you consider that almost half of Americans say their Facebook feeds — which heavily feature content — influence their spending habits more than other social media accounts. If online marketing campaigns are executed well, they really pay off. But, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially when starting from scratch.

There Isn’t An Easy Button
In a culture so used to instant gratification, especially in the digital realm, it can be hard to remember that things still take a lot of time. Branding and increasing hits, page views, leads, and sales can take hundreds of hours of hard work, and campaigns that’re just getting off the ground might have a slow start.

Content is Still King
Developing and sharing high-quality content is still important, because it builds trust between you and customers. They know that they can rely on you for relevant, important, up-to-date information, and are likely to visit your site by their own volition. About 95% of small businesses view blogging as being an important business tool, because they know how valuable subject matter expertise and good writing is to their customers. Invest time and effort into cultivating series, news stories, and all around great content for your blog, web pages, and social media accounts.

Professionalism is Important
Yes, it is fine to write content with a casual, and even personal demeanor, and to incorporate humor, sarcasm, and even satire — but these things are not mutually exclusive with professionalism these days. Your web design should reflect that professionalism by providing a direct, easy to use, navigable interface. Your customer service should reflect this as well, offering fast responses on social media platforms.

For help implementing these principles, and generally starting your Internet marketing campaign, make sure to talk to the professionals. Digital marketing firms, business IT consulting, and online marketing experts can help you implement time-tested strategies for success.