Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners: Part 1


Social media is a powerful tool for digital marketing, and today everyone and their dog seems to have a social media account of some kind. In fact, social media marketing is so successful that 93% of all businesses use it enhance their online marketing campaigns.

For massive corporations, social media offers a way to connect with their customers on an individual level. For smaller, neighborhood-level businesses, social media lets them find new customers and establish their brand.

So if you are looking to dabble into the world of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in order to expand your business, here are three social marketing tips for beginners.

1. Choose your platforms

As a beginner, it is important to only choose one or two social media platforms to concentrate on, instead of getting overwhelmed with multiple different accounts. The easiest way to choose is to think long and hard about what your social media goals are. If you are a bakeshop that would like to promote pictures of your delectable treats, then Instagram will be your best bet. If you are looking to focus on a platform that makes it easier for your customers to ask FAQs and to report customer complaints, then Twitter is the way to go. Or, if you want to promote prices, promotions, and other goals of your business, Facebook is a fantastic way to do so. Experts believe that Facebook is the most powerful social media platform as about 25% of all Facebook users check their account around five times day. Additionally, an estimated 47% of Americans report that Facebook has a larger influence on their purchases than any other form of digital marketing. So when in doubt, head to Facebook!

2. Enhance those profiles

If you are dedicating time to those social media accounts, then you should spend time optimizing them. This means regularly posting pictures, a price list, having a good description about your company and its values, and a link to your website. Think of your account as an extension of your business and website; it should give customers all the information they require in one glance.

3. Connect everything

This may seem self-explanatory, but it is crucial that all your accounts online are connected. Success on the web involves the number of connections you make, and so every aspect of your digital marketing must be consistent across every platform you use. Plus, customers are more likely to develop brand loyalty to a business if they follow them on multiple platforms.

If you have any specific questions about social media marketing, it is important to contact marketing firms with experienced IT consulting services. So keep your eyes peeled for ITSCares’ Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners: Part 2!