Smart Online Marketing Tips for Local Businesses


Online marketing isn’t the next wave of the future. It’s what’s happening right now. If you think that people will find your business’ website from the high quality of your product or services alone, think again.

There are hundreds of millions of web pages out there fighting for readership, user engagement, and sales. So what’s a local company to do when the newspaper classifieds simply won’t cut it anymore? Here are some digital marketing tips that you can put to use to make your online presence known.

  • Create a Blog: Keeping the content on your website useful, informative, and up-to-date is one of the best ways to improve your digital visibility to potential customers. On average, websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages than ones that don’t, which sends a positive ranking signal to search engines like Google. At the same time, a good blog can showcase your personality and promote your services without having to spend extra money on paid advertising.
  • Leverage Email Lists: One of the most important — but often overlooked — aspects of online marketing is not just reaching out to new customers, but retaining the ones you already have. A regular email update sent out to your “fans” can let the community know what’s new or improved, any relevant events coming up, or simply add a personal touch to your business relationship. You might also include email perks like special coupons or deals to people who opt in to your mailing list.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms are a great way to connect with your existing consumer base, but people also use these apps to discover new local businesses. It’s important to use a conversational tone instead of a hard sales pitch with whatever content you post. Encourage conversation and discussion for the most engagement, which in turn can help expand your brand. Focus on building relationships with other local companies, rather than trying to go it alone.

Online marketing requires a lot more maintenance and upkeep than some other, more traditional forms of advertising. However, it’s much cheaper than traditional print advertising or TV commercials.

If you’re interested in digital marketing but don’t know how to get started, you can always hire IT consulting services that specialize in maintaining your computer presence to the online world.

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