Signs that you need to invest in a cloud system


Signs that you need to invest in a cloud system

The quest for the ultimate IT solution has never been more important in today’s business landscape. All of a company’s functions, from customer relations to cybersecurity, are highly reliant on technology. Keeping updated, readily accessible data and preventing threats from malware and phishing email also put a strain on IT departments.

This is why most businesses shift to the cloud — for easier data access and management, enhanced disaster recovery, better flexibility, and reduced support burden on the staff. It is the future of data storage and security. In a 2017 interview, International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that by 2020, 67% of enterprise IT infrastructure and software will be for cloud-based offerings.

Are you considering cloud computing? If you see the following signs, then it’s clear your organization needs a cloud intervention.

You always have unpredictable expenses

Businesses need predictable expenses to operate efficiently, especially if you’re doing strategic planning and cost reductions. When there are unforeseen IT issues, costs inflate unexpectedly, which forces other functions of the company to compensate for the added expenses.

Hiring a managed services provider (MSP) that offers cloud services at a fixed monthly rate can reduce your IT cost significantly. Instead of hiring full-time IT employees, you’ll just pay the MSP’s service fee, making your expenses more predictable and easier to plan for.

You have limited storage capacity

On-device storage is a practice that’s rapidly becoming outdated because of its limitations. When you’re running a program or an application on your computer, it allocates any free memory and processor time to complete the task. When you exhaust all your on-device storage, you’re guaranteed slower performance and less productivity. Aside from that, devices are quite vulnerable to malware.

But with cloud storage, you can scale up your capacity with ease and speed. Your data is kept safe with state-of-the-art security, and is accessible on any device that connects to the internet. And since your data is stored in a remote server, it’s easier for you to recover after a disaster because your data is kept intact and up-to-date.

You lack IT experts in your team

Most businesses are built because of a vision. And most times, visions don’t include watching over your IT and protecting your business from cyberattacks. If you want to focus on your business’s core function, consider switching to a cloud system.

It will relieve you of the headache of looking after your hardware and forcing your employees to split their focus between your business goals and IT maintenance. Your MSP will provide a virtual team to help you manage your IT round the clock. Most service providers also conduct tutorials and hand out troubleshoot manuals to help your staff navigate the program easily.

Your hardware is outdated

Hardware components have limited economic life. During this period, they need regular updates, backups, and maintenance services to make sure that they perform in tiptop shape during their lifespan.

If you notice that your systems and hardware are breaking down and in need of maintenance more often than they’re supposed to, you should consider switching to the cloud. There will be fewer hardware requirements, and if a PC stops working, you can just start up another device and resume work from there.

You’re getting constant security threats

Cloud computing ensures that your data is secured. MSPs guard the servers and protect your systems and files from hackers. Some companies adopt cloud infrastructure mainly for this purpose.

It isn’t easy to recover from financial losses due to security breaches. The cleanup and compliance cost alone might force your company to loosen the purse strings. By switching to a cloud system, you can benefit from their security plans and disaster recovery.

You want to upscale your business

Previously, companies had to upsize their back office systems first before expanding to new markets. This is costly and time-consuming. But with the scalability that comes with cloud computing, your business can easily and swiftly open as many offices or outlets as your company needs.

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