We take the time to know your business goals and develop a strategy to achieve them

A vCIO looks into multiple aspects of your technology to provide a more in-depth IT strategy.

SMBs have very little margin for error when it comes to budgeting. But with ITS’s vCIO service, you can draft an accurate, predictable budget with more comprehensive insight into security, business continuity, disaster recovery, compliance, and most importantly, productivity.

Hiring an in-house CIO staff usually requires a six-figure budget to cover base salary and other benefits. But with our vCIO, you can get the same benefits at a fraction of the costs.

ITS’s vCIO service means we:

  • Measure system performance
  • Diagnose existing issues and prevent future ones
  • Track the life cycles of your IT investment
  • Report on current and future projects

Cabling & Racking

Expert installation, professional maintenance, and prompt support for all your network cabling

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Audits, Security, and Compliance

Ensure PCI DSS, HIPAA, and HITECH compliance

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Communication & Collaboration

Give employees the ability to use any form of communication, however, whenever, and wherever they want

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