Reduce workplace stress with technology


All employees have experienced stress in the workplace in some way. Especially in fast-paced and demanding work environments, pressure is inevitable. Typically, workers experience stress when striving to meet deadlines or making challenging decisions. But having too little work can cause stress as well. This can evoke feelings of unfulfillment and wasted potential, and make employees want to invest their time elsewhere. When these pressures pile up or never cease, it becomes overwhelming — which can greatly affect an employee’s health.

It’s no secret that long-term stress can cause physical and emotional exhaustion. This means people have less energy and enthusiasm to function. Having employees that are unable to cope with their work responsibilities speak a lot about your business. Therefore, to successfully run your company, you must always put first the well-being of your employees. You can’t always mitigate the tensions that occur in the workplace, but there are steps you can take to manage work-related stress.

Perhaps the simplest way to address stress in the workplace is by embracing technological innovations. Although the digital age has introduced new challenges, it has also significantly streamlined most of our daily tasks. There are now many technological developments that can help employees effectively manage their time at work and reduce stress. The following are three ways technology can help to prevent employee burnout.

Keeping an eye on workers’ well-being

Looking after employees’ well-being has become easier thanks to technology. For instance, online communication tools simplify the way you and your employees keep in touch, whether you are working in the same building or in different locations. Unlike emails — which take a while to craft and send — these tools allow users to collaborate in real time. These platforms make it easier to go back and forth within a group instead of having to go through lengthy email chains. Accordingly, this makes it easier for you to track how your employees are doing and gain insight into how they are getting along.

Additionally, tailored health monitoring systems are slowly being integrated into the workplace. These help employees keep tabs on their physical and mental health as well as offer solutions that promote healthier living. For instance, providing employees with health monitoring devices can remind them to exercise, help them see their progress, and prompt rest and relaxation when necessary.

Increasing efficiency using office productivity tools

Office productivity tools designed to improve time management can ease job stress by helping your employees work more efficiently. Using calendars, to-do lists, and scheduling and reminder applications is a great way to stay organized. Such tools can help your staff keep track of tasks, dates, and other essential information. Meanwhile, internal communication tools can minimize the need for lengthy meetings and face-to-face sessions, which can affect employee productivity. Most office productivity suites come with these tools, so investing in them could mean great benefits for your business.

If your employees want to know more about how they can better manage their time using these applications, you can set up a session for exploring these with IT staff or invite an expert to explain the uses and benefits of these tools.

Streamlining and automating complicated processes and workflows

One way to address work-related stress is by zeroing in on its cause — the work itself. Take a look at your business’s current processes and workflows; figure out what does and doesn’t work, and think of what you can do to make completing tasks easier and quicker, without compromising quality. Talk to your employees; they are at the forefront of these processes, so they can tell you what’s working well and what needs improvement.

What’s great is that there are tons of powerful software, tools, and applications specifically designed to help businesses streamline processes and workflows. These offer features and capabilities that help ease many working situations, like the ability to communicate immediately and to collect and verify information at a moment’s notice.

Respecting your employees and providing them with opportunities to learn and grow are advantageous to both your team and your business. Likewise, keeping them happy and healthy provides numerous benefits, like fewer sick days taken and more motivated, focused, and productive work.

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