PPC or SEO? That Is the Question


When deciding on the what your business’s best digital marketing strategy should be, you need to consider the cost of leads. How much money will you need to spend in order to get each customer? Optimizing this is the first step toward success.

Pay Per Click
Any well rounded digital marketing campaign will include PPC advertisements using Google Adwords. The way it works is your company first chooses a few keywords for an ad to run on. Next, you design the ad. This involves crafting a title and short meta description that will hopefully catch potential customers’ attention. This ad will be shown as the number one result on Google for the keywords you selected. When this advertisement is up and running, each click on the link will cost your company a predetermined amount.

This might be worthwhile if you get enough conversions. If people buy your product after clicking this link, you will certainly see the rewards stack up. Still, there are a few issues. Since anyone can click on your ad, you will sometimes get traffic from people who clicked by accident. Other times you will get traffic from competitor companies who are clicking your link just to charge you money. Finally, an estimated 70-80% of search engine users fully ignore PPC or sponsored advertisements. If at least 70% of the market can’t be reached this way, why use it?

SEO Services
On the other hand, you could use SEO services to help your website get more organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization is the process of leveraging ranking factors like keyword density and backlink quality to make your website appear naturally higher in the search engine results page. If you can rank higher, more people will click your link.

This strategy is much less expensive in the long run, but it could also take a while to start seeing the results you want. SEO campaigns involve a lot of research and content production, making it labor intensive and a long-term pursuit.

Herein lies the reason most marketing firms pursue both tactics. PPC allows for short-term burst leads, while SEO takes its time to establish longevity. If you are interested in pursuing either of these options, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.