Online Traffic for Small Firms: Using Social Media Correctly


Keeping your small marketing firm afloat in a world of big business is easier than you would think. The use of social media is advancing the possibilities of digital marketing and is helping local businesses get a leg up in the industry. To increase your online traffic utilizing social media, consider these tips.

Interact with consumers
An estimated 93% of all internet experiences begin with a search engine such as Yahoo! or Google. As a result, search engine optimization is the leading source of online traffic. However, search engines are often used as a source of general information whereas social media allows users to interact with local businesses on a regular basis.

Consumers are often on social media throughout the day. Interacting with them through more than advertisements separates your marketing firm from other companies and gives your business a humanizing, likable personality. Respond to comments, post pictures, and update often. The more a business appears human, the more positively a consumer will respond.

Provide consumers with quality
Users of social media are there to be exactly that: social. If you market your product too much on your web page without any kind of quality content that gets consumers attention your business will likely be ignored. Provide content on your social media account that does more than give information. Create emotional reactions from your consumers. Make them laugh. Make them discuss.

Advertising on social media doesn’t work because users have already learned to filter and ignore the content. However, by providing your consumers with quality content that gets them to positively interact with your business leaves a lasting impression.

Employees in a small business can easily multitask, but multitasking ultimately means the quality of your product isn’t as great as it could be. Outsourcing IT services to create digital marketing material for your company allows your employees to give all of their attention to their designated tasks. It also creates consistent content on your social media platforms, which is important to keep the attention of potential consumers.

Outsourcing IT management can mean more than getting your computer fixed. If the age of the outsourced employees matches the age of the consumers you’re trying to attract, your online marketing will be more effective as consumers will be able to humanize your marketing firm. Marketing agencies often fail in this area because they don’t know how to communicate to their consumers as other consumers would, rendering them awkward, online imposters.

To use social media adequately for your marketing firm, it’s important to be as casual and interactive as possible. While SEO is about content filtering, social media is about character and quality. The more character a business provides, the more a consumer will be able to relate and, on social media, it’s those relationships that reign.