New Study Finds Men Overcompensate…When Describing Their Computer Repair Skills


A new survey reveals that the men in your life who say they are skilled computer repair technicians might not be as good as they think they are at fixing computers.

According to a November 17 CNet article, a study that examined 1,001 men and women between the ages of 35 and 70 found that approximately 46% of men say they are confident or very confident about their knowledge of computer repair tips and tricks. In contrast, only 27% of the women surveyed were equally sure of themselves.

The portion of men who felt confident in their computer and laptop repair abilities doesn’t quite stack up to the fact that an astonishing more than 90% of the men surveyed didn’t recognize that increasing their computer’s memory or RAM would likely solve their computer problems. Insufficient memory is one of the leading causes of lagging, slow computers.

“While nearly half of all men feel confident when it comes to fixing their computers, a large majority can’t identify the best way to fix the problem,” said of the study. “Even though insufficient memory is one of the most common reasons a computer runs slowly, only 8% of men attributed it as such.”

A similar amount of women, about 90%, were also unable to identify that memory deficiency was the likely reason for a slow-running computer — but at least they knew they didn’t know how to fix the problem.

So the next time any of the men in your life tell you they know just as much about computers as any computer repair technicians, take their boasts with a grain of salt. It may just be better to keep your computer running in top condition with advanced computer services from a computer support company.

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