Make Sure Your Employees Avoid Making These 4 Common Computer Security Mistakes


Approximately nine out of every 1,000 computers are infected with some type of spam or virus. If any computer inside your office has been compromised, not only could you lose all your important data, you could end up finding yourself in some serious financial trouble.

Luckily, you can contact an IT support company and get in touch with experienced computer repair technicians to keep your network protected. Additionally, you should educate yourself and your employees on the various IT mistakes that are often made across U.S. businesses. Here are some common computer security mistakes to avoid:

  • Opening strange email attachments — Rather than opening attachments from just anyone, make sure you’re checking both the content of the email message and the sender. If you’re unsure about who sent it, simply search the email in Google to see if there have been spam reports associated with that account.
  • Using common security passwords — It’s incredibly easy to break into computers nowadays so it’s even more important to use a strong password. Additionally, using the same password for multiple or all of your accounts is a surefire way to welcome digital hackers. Consider using a password generator to keep hackers out of your accounts.
  • Clicking on questionable advertisements — Make sure you’re being very careful while surfing the web and are sure about every advertisement you click. Though the majority of advertisements are harmless, all it takes is one bad click to lead you to malware and ruin your network. Again, professionals working for an IT support company can help you identify what advertisements are dangerous, so give them a call if you’re unsure.
  • Maneuvering through the Deep Web — Office computers should be used for business use only and never for surfing the Deep Web. Doing so can almost guarantee some kind of problem across your network.

Make sure your employees are fully aware of these common digital security mistakes and avoid them at all costs. If you’re in need of a trusted IT services and want to speak with an experienced IT support company, give Integrated Technology Services a call today.