Is Your IT Department Operating as Highly Paid Digital Babysitters?


Five to 10 years ago, any business with any type of advanced computer services had no choice but to build an in-house IT Department. At first, these IT workers were absolutely vital to the company, setting up the business’ first website, building servers, and helping employees with any computer problems that arose.

But over time, far too many IT Departments evolved into extremely high-paid babysitters. Many computer experts with advanced degrees found themselves stuck in jobs babysitting servers that worked fine 99.9% of the time, waiting around all day until someone needed help setting up a printer. Meanwhile, businesses were wasting money on high-paid IT consulting experts.

Thanks to the rapid development of cloud computing and major advances in business computer services, the vast majority of IT busy work has become automated — business servers, websites, databases, telephony, and even more complex services like network security management. Tasks that once required full-time IT workers to manage can now be automated completely. Despite this, some older companies still pay for IT divisions designed for a bygone era.

So how can you finally start saving money on your IT costs?

Fortunately, there is a simple answer. You don’t need to hire expensive business IT consulting experts for a solution, you simply need to invest in managed IT services.

Rather than paying a fortune for your own in-house IT team, managed IT services handle all of your computer and technology needs. In 2016, there are still far too many companies paying computer experts that do little more than babysit a server while they check Instagram.

Instead, managed IT services can install and manage any type of computer system you need. What kind of computer services can the best-managed services providers offer?

Short answer: if it’s on a computer, IT managed services providers will provide. Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for data management, backup and recovery, infrastructure management, network security, access control systems, digital marketing, web design, operations technology, cloud-based applications, Office 365, website maintenance, or firewalls and antivirus protection — the best managed IT services have got you covered.

Even companies with modest computer needs are outsourcing IT in 2016. That’s because so much of our record keeping and communication have gone online, and most businesses lack the experience to protect that valuable data. Even the federal government struggles with security, as cyber security breaches have shot up 680% in the last six years!

Plus, security experts estimate that 75% to 80% of all malicious attacks come from inside an organization, not from external hackers. In fact, there’s a 59% chance an employee will steal some kind of corporate data after being fired or deciding to quit.

So if you need to cut IT costs and protect your business in 2016, then it’s time to finally discover the benefits of managed IT support services.