Is Your Company Marketing Itself like It Should?


Did you know that a whopping 93% of experiences on the Internet begin with a search engine? Did you know that your company could benefit from this statistic? You can’t afford not to take advantage of different types of marketing strategies when it comes to your company’s website.

There are many different ways to advertise your company online and different types of marketing campaigns. It’s now easier than ever to make money with pay per click advertising and marketing. This system can give your company’s website that much-needed competitive edge in the Internet marketplace, by boosting its presence in search engine results, especially when about 83% of Internet users depend on search engines above all other sources to find information about products and services.
Here are three simple ways your company can successfully make money with pay per click marketing:

1. Make the click count: So how does pay per click work? Each time an Internet user clicks on your company’s advertisement in a list of search results, your company pays the search engine. Getting a user to click on an ad requires compelling ad copy and strong keyword research — but the real trick is getting the user to stay on your company’s page long enough to make a purchase. Research has shown that 39% of Internet retail customers start their online shopping with search engines. Make sure the ad directs the user to an equally compelling “landing page,” or else they might not stay for very long.

2. Build a rapport with the clicker: The Internet user who clicks your company’s ad isn’t a robot. He or she is a real person. To keep users coming back to the product or service your company offers, make sure the user has easy, immediate access to a mailing list sign-up. This will bring them back to your company’s site again and again, and eventually more than make up the cost of their click on your ad.

3. Keep spending in check: It’s easy for a company to spend a fortune on pay per click, rather than make money from it. When bidding on certain keywords, remember to keep your budget in mind — you don’t always have to come up first in the sponsored ad list!

Search engines and email are two most popular Internet activities in the world. When done right, it can be easy and incredibly worthwhile to make money with pay per click marketing. It takes some time to get accustomed to the system, but once you do, your company will see the benefits of a website that has pay per click.