How to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Strategy From Becoming an Epic Fail


Of all the types of marketing campaigns at a company’s disposal, social media marketing has gained popularity in recent years because of social media sites’ unique ability to connect people with brands.

How does social media help businesses? It’s simple — for a fraction of the cost of traditional types of marketing services, your company gets repeat exposure to potential customers, brand recognition among a wide audience, and an influx of web traffic back to your website. An amazing 47% of Americans say Facebook alone has influenced their purchasing decisions more than any other social media site.

But with the wild frontier of social media comes an array of hazards and potential PR slip-ups, to which every company is vulnerable. And no matter how quickly you remove evidence of the mistake, it’s pretty much guaranteed that thousands of your followers will see it.

If your business needs some free marketing tips and help with social media marketing, check out these five common social media marketing faux pas to always avoid:

1. Not promoting your company’s social media accounts: Promotion plays a major role in bringing new customers to your company. If a web user doesn’t see your company being promoted in their Facebook or Twitter feeds, they essentially won’t know your company is there. You should be able to easily find a link for promoting your page, which usually costs extra — but the benefits are well worth it.

2. Letting account activity dwindle: What do you usually do when you notice that one of the accounts you follow on social media hasn’t posted or tweeted in months? You probably unfollow that account. You may even forget about the brand. And this is what your company’s followers will do if any of its social media accounts isn’t regularly updated. If you need extra help with social media marketing, there are a number of marketing firms to help you maintain your company’s social media presence.

3. Posting too much: Like letting an account stay dormant, overposting on your company’s social media accounts will also result in a loss of followers. No one wants their Facebook or Twitter feed clogged with excessive posts from the same company!

4. Not engaging with customers: Web users like following their favorite brands on social media and giving their feedback on products and services they purchase. So when your company receives a complaint through social media, it’s absolutely necessary to respond to the customer and apologize for their bad experience. It’s called social media for a reason!

5. Failing to post quality content: Now more than ever, content is king when it comes to web marketing and social media marketing. If you want help with social media marketing, an easy solution is to engage consumers with attention-grabbing, well-written content that informs them about what your company has to offer. For more help with social media marketing through content, taking advantage of search engine optimization is also a great way to go.