How MSPs are helping flatten the curve


Slowing the spread of COVID-19 is as important as stopping it, which is why public health leaders and governments are constantly putting out guidelines to manage the rate of infection. They are urging people to practice social distancing and self-isolation, have closed schools, and compelled businesses to operate remotely in an effort to flatten the curve.

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) are doing their part, too — by empowering remote workforces and helping them leverage cloud computing and mobile workstations, allowing business owners to run their companies from the safety of their homes.

Cloud computing: The future of business computing

Despite the abrupt shift to remote work, organizations were able to resume critical operations thanks to the accessibility of the cloud. Many businesses rapidly adopted cloud technologies to manage key company data and applications, as well as support their remote teams.

However, any change as sudden and significant as this comes with a slew of risks and uncertainties. Especially as cloud environments continue to evolve and become more complex, businesses that do not understand its nuances will face many difficulties.

There are people who have the expertise and certifications to best navigate cloud platforms and services and related cloud-based resources and infrastructure. These specialists make sure that the transition to the cloud is seamless, and properly set up cloud resources for ease of use. Enter, MSPs.

Cloud computing and MSPs: The perfect pair

To quickly and safely reap the benefits of the cloud, partnering with an MSP like Integrated Technology Services (ITS) makes the most sense. An MSP offers a multitude of cloud tools and resources to support businesses. Right now, MSPs are providing enterprises with remote monitoring and management support to ensure that their networks are efficient enough to facilitate a remote workforce.

Hiring an MSP is also more economic than managing full-time, in-house IT staff. While businesses can invest in their staff’s training, research, or education, it may take some time before they derive the full benefits of cloud technologies. They might also miss out on potentially game-changing tools and trends as they become available.

With an MSP, businesses leverage the expertise of a team of specialists who can provide useful and timely insights and employ cloud computing best practices. These include implementing multilayered security measures, diligently monitoring systems, maintaining compliance, and the like. What’s more, many MSPs offer proactive services and support at flat rates or subscription models, which clients can also scale according to their needs.

Another great thing about MSPs is that they keep abreast of the latest technologies and certifications. This way, they can best advise clients about the technology options that are most suited for their business, and prevent them from purchasing or subscribing to things they don’t need.

For small businesses, partnering with MSPs is a popular choice because they gain access to high-end IT without having to invest in expensive servers and system maintenance themselves. This is especially helpful at a time when business costs must be managed carefully.

How tech is curbing the spread of COVID-19

So how exactly does the cloud computing–managed services tandem help flatten the curve?
While these primarily influence business operations on a technological level, they also enable a more mobile work environment. Employees still get to complete critical tasks from any location and receive the same level of support as they would in the workplace.

With these solutions, businesses can stay afloat and gradually recover losses until a vaccine for COVID-19 is developed. Organizations can maintain productivity and plan for unforeseen events to ensure prompt and effective action in times of crisis. This should include steps to reducing business disruptions and quickly resuming operations, which can be achieved with the help of an MSP.

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Is Cloud really as revolutionary as everyone says?

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