How manufacturing firms can use cloud technology for business success


Manual processes and systems run most of the operations in a small manufacturing business. This might work for some enterprises, but if you want to stay efficient and get past your competitors, it’s time to turn to cloud computing to optimize your resources.

Cloud computing allows for infinite scalability and can transform virtually every aspect of modern manufacturing by supporting innovative productions systems, such as 3D printing, high-performance computing (HPC), the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.

Here are some reasons why your firm should invest in cloud technology.

Lower costs

When IT operations are deployed in-house, the capital and operational expenditure are high. On-premise infrastructure is expensive and costly to maintain. And if malfunctions or cyberattacks lead to downtime, that’ll mean even more money you’ll have to part with. These are costs that are too big for small firms with small budgets.

But with cloud computing, you can cut this cost greatly, as you can host virtually all aspects of your IT remotely. To take it a step further, you can even hire a managed IT services provider (MSP) that offers cloud solutions.

Streamlined operations

There’s nothing better than to be able to track every step of your production in real time, if you want to stick to your schedule and ensure the quality of your products. This is made possible by hosting enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in the cloud.

For instance, where there are complex product lines with many configuration options, ERP can be used to monitor possible errors in the manufacturing process. With real-time monitoring, you can immediately purchase raw materials if they happen to be running low or are damaged.

ERP will also allow you to streamline your operations and automate repetitive tasks. Imagine what these advantages will do to your employee productivity, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction.

Lastly, the cloud enables business intelligence, which supports better business decision-making for a company that relies heavily on business information. Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) will allow your business to access and analyze data and make decisions, plans, and forecasts on your own, even without the necessary technical skills. Hypothetically, this means you’ll be able to come up with solutions quicker than your competitors if you happen to suffer the same production hiccups at the same time.

Superb quality control

With the cloud, you can immediately identify machine components in your production facilities that need replacing before they cause some serious quality concerns. You can do this by augmenting manufacturing robots and environs with your IoT sensors.

You can even monitor and optimize environmental factors such as temperature and humidity with this technology. What’s more, you can gather data on how your workers use production spaces to increase productivity and enhance their work experience.

Better access rights management

The cloud can also help you to control access to your data. Mobile device management (MDM) lets you monitor and secure employees’ devices, while mobile application management (MAM) systems allow you to monitor your corporate applications and their related data.

These can prove crucial for protecting proprietary or top-secret information, such as new product designs, formulae, innovative production strategies, and the like.

IT can be challenging for manufacturers, but with the right cloud solutions, you can improve operational efficiency in no time. Firms in the Charleston, Goose Creek, and Mount Pleasant area trust Integrated Technology Services for their cloud solutions. We’ll help you migrate your operations to the cloud seamlessly and at an affordable rate. Contact us now.