Fix Your Computer Marketing With These 3 Social Media Outlets


Looking to fix your computer marketing skills? If you’ve got broken computer skills, these three social media outlets are great places to get started to develop the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

With over 1.5 billion users, Facebook is the biggest social media outlet to date. They have the largest pool of demographics and their business pages are great to update followers for campaigns, events, and general advertising. With their easy-to-manage system, this is the first platform you should utilize to fix your computer marketing skills.

Facebook is a particularly good option because of their multiple marketing methods. With new updates being released by Facebook all the time — such as their newer stories option, their group pages, and event features — this is a great site to flex your social media marketing skills.

Yelp is the biggest place for business reviews out there. Yelp has developed a cult following with many of their users consulting the program daily before they go somewhere new or visit a new business.

Yelp is great because a slew of positive reviews will often push negative ones to the bottom of the pile. Develop a strategy to encourage your customers or consumers to make positive reviews on this site through unique marketing campaigns.

You might even be able to offer incentives for good reviews as a way to give back to your loyal clientele. Customers love to feel wanted and special, and getting them invested in your company is the first way to engaging a lifelong customer.

Instagram is by far one of the most creative apps out there for digital marketing. By posting beautiful content and sharing real photos of your business interacting with consumers, your business can reach the public in an entirely new way. Instagram utilizes hashtags, location tagging, and a few other features to refine the searches of their users.

Instagram giveaways are another huge marketing campaign. Hold a raffle that requires participants to share one of your photos with a popular hashtag to gain media traction for your business. This is a fun, intuitive way to get free marketing from your fans.

Consult with a business marketing firm or other digital marketing firm to get the inside scoop on maintaining your computer marketing skills. When over 93% of marketers use social media to help their business thrive, this skill is almost mandatory.