Find Out How Vulnerable Your Network is With Security Computer Support


As the use and knowledge of the internet increases, so do the dangers that accompany it. It’s basically impossible to go through a day of work without utilizing the internet in some fashion, but unfortunately, we often take advantage of our easy access online without considering how secure our information is.

Individuals will likely always have to worry about sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers or bank information being taken, but businesses often think the protocols and security of their systems are enough to keep them safe; this is increasingly proving not to be the case.

A recent survey conducted found that around 87% of small businesses experienced some form of security breach just in 2012. Unfortunately it’s hard to pinpoint the causes and origins of these breaches without the help of some version of computer support specializing in network security systems.

While some of these instances are a result of hackers breaking into systems through holes in the network, more often than not it’s something much simpler and easy to prevent. An estimated 80% of all breaches have been attested to weak admin passwords. In order to prevent these cases and many more, companies have begun making an effort to hire experienced and knowledgeable information technology (IT) and security specialists for customized computer support.

However, in recent years it has become clear that a skilled computer technician employee may not be the best solution. It’s been found that between 75 to 80% of malicious attacks originated from within an organization rather than from an external threat. Whether it be from a disgruntled employee or someone who sees an opportunity to take advantage of the system, it’s hard to keep track of the actions of IT workers since they’re the ones operating the networks.

Because of this flaw in the system, using onsite computer services for ethical hacking operations such as security auditing or penetration testing to evaluate a network’s infrastructure and monitor activity is a vital operation in the modern marketplace. Network security management providers are the best defense against malicious computer attacks. Finding IT consulting to assist in computer support may be one of the most effective steps in getting ahead of the competition.