Extend the Life of Your Computer With These 4 Easy Steps


It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: you’re putting the final touches on your big presentation when suddenly your computer crashes. Okay, maybe it’s not your worst nightmare, but when your computer breaks down and you lose all your important documents and data, it certainly feels like the end of the world.

If you don’t want to be getting your computer fixed every couple of months, losing valuable time, money, and important documents, you’ll need to be diligent about your computer maintenance. Computers are sensitive machines and sometimes they just need a little TLC.

How to Properly Maintain Your Computer

  1. Keep it clean
    According to computer repair technicians, the number one killer of both desktop and laptop computers is dust and debris. As these particles build up on various components within the hardware, the system starts to overheat and will eventually burn out altogether. You can clear out the dust and debris with a compressed air can.
  2. Be wary of updates
    Not every update is a good update for your particular computer. Some OS updates can slow down older computers, causing periphery devices like printers to stop functioning. Before installing a new OS update, consult an IT expert. On the other hand, updates for specific programs and drivers are essential. Always install available updates for hardware to keep them running smoothly.
  3. Watch out for spam
    Studies show that 60 billion emails are sent each day, but 97% of them are spam. Spam often carries viruses, which infect computers, causing them to malfunction and putting their users at risk of identity theft.
  4. Empty the trash
    Every once in awhile, take some time to declutter your computer. Aim to have no less than 20% capacity left on your hard drive at all times. Do this by periodically uninstalling programs you don’t use and deleting documents you don’t need.

Maintaining your computer should be like taking care of any other major appliance or machine. You wouldn’t drive your car without a tune-up every once in a while, would you? Don’t settle for getting your computer fixed over and over again. Instead, show it a little love and let it live a long, healthy life.