Computer Science Major Now Offered to UW Freshmen


If you’re looking to fix your computer, you may be able to rely on your amateur neighbor after all: the University of Washington is reportedly offering “direct to major” admission to high school seniors that apply next spring.

According to the Seattle Times, an estimated two-thirds of underclassmen who apply for the competitive computer science major in UW don’t get in. The university hopes to “relieve the frustration and stress of getting in,” according to the paper.

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Instead of your future computer experts dragging their feet taking prerequisite courses, this direct to major program will encourage students to delve into an ever-growing field.

“The Allen School’s expansion of direct to major […] will allow the Allen School to fully engage undergraduates in an immersive computer science experience from their first day on campus, while still maintaining opportunities for transfer students and UW students who develop an interest in the subject later,” said Allen School deputy director and professor, Dan Grossman.

However, this doesn’t mean it will exclude current students from engaging in the major too, regardless of if they are taking another major.

“Students who start the UW with one intended major may discover a passion for computer science after taking one of our introductory courses,” Grossman continued.

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Though you won’t see a slew of new IT specialists enter the scene tomorrow, colleges are making an effort to improve the accessibility of increasingly important fields.