Businesses vs. Consumers: The Battle For The Control Of Information


There is no single best digital marketing strategy. All you can do in an ever-evolving digital world is notice trends and apply your mind toward generating effective strategies to generate leads. One ongoing trend that has shown continuity over the years is the dominance of Google and search engines in general. Estimates suggest that 93% of internet experiences begin with a search engine. This certainly reveals something about the digital marketplace. But what exactly? And how can you use it to your advantage?

Think for a moment about travel agents, car salesmen, and toy stores. An odd group to be sure, but they all have something in common. Back before widespread and readily available consumer reviews, these three professions relied on a customer’s lack of knowledge on the subject. Now, this isn’t exactly as predatory as it seems; travel agents often provided great vacation recommendations. Likewise, car salesmen sold the car that was right for the buyer (sometimes), and toy stores told parents what toys their children wanted. The information flowed from business to customer in a fairly linear fashion. But then, the internet happened…

World Wide Web
It was supposed to be the great democratizing force that would change society forever. This goal might not have been fully realized, but it certainly did one thing. Businesses, once in total control over the information about their products, slowly started to find competition from consumers. People who had purchased a product in the past would tell other people online about their experiences. If it was bad, the company could lose not just one customer, but every customer that saw the negative review. Even if it was a good review, the business had lost control over the information about their products.

The information that every one of us has access to today allows us to skip the line at the toy store, know everything about a car before buying, and find less expensive exotic resorts in countries travel agents of old had scarcely heard of. It’s all a few short taps away, the twitching tips of fingers fluttering over a phone, finding everything we ever wanted to know about anything and then some.

How do you leverage this to your advantage?
In a world where consumers are more informed than ever, where we consume more information than we do products, you need to give the people what they want. Tell them everything about the products in your industry, the more specific the better, and take back control of where they are getting their information. Ah, but not so fast. Don’t tell them that your product is ‘the best’. Let them come to that conclusion on their own.

This is exactly why inbound search engine marketing has become such a dominant force in the digital marketing realm. With inbound lead generation, Search Engine Optimization, strong and inspirational branding, a message to rally behind, and above all, information, consumers will come directly to you.

Whatever you do for your own best digital marketing strategy, always remember that consumers love information. That is one of the main reasons 93% of internet sessions start with a search engine. If you’re interested in SEO or other search engine based strategies to win the battle for information, as well as learning about other online marketing ideas, give us a call today.