A Few Tips for an Effective Internet Marketing Campaign


Your marketing strategy will depend on the product and/or services offered by your company as well as your desired customer base. After determining your desired base, however, you may want to expand your presence further to attract other potential customers. While there are a variety of effective marketing techniques and strategies, online marketing — or digital marketing — continues to be a popular delivery system.

What is your current marketing strategy? Are you a small business that posts regular blogs? When it comes to effective marketing ideas, a recent survey showed that approximately 95% of the small business participants believe blogging has value. Furthermore, blogging can also increase brand awareness, according to 70% of the content marketers that participated in the survey.

Blogging is just one type of effective content marketing. Regular columns, feature articles, and other types of content all have the capacity to increase traffic to your company website. It’s been shown that leads from content marketing can also increase blog traffic up to 2,000%.

When this content contains the right balance of search engine optimization and relevant information, then many consumers will return to the site on a regular basis. As a result, it’s important to post fresh content every week.

Social media is also an effective marketing platform and is used by roughly 93% of business marketers as part of their campaigns. Given that many people check their Facebook account five or more times a day, it has a considerable amount of influence on consumer choices. In addition, while working or during recreational computer use, many people will make note of their social media feed.

Approximately 47% of people in the United States claim that they turn more to their Facebook community for product and service recommendations than other social media. In addition to making recommendations, Facebook users will also post commentary on their customer experience. All it may take is these individuals posting a brief review and website link to their favorite product or service to increase a business’ traffic and sales.

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