7 Computer Services We Couldn’t Live Without


In the modern workplace, you would be hard-pressed to find a more important tool than the computer. This one invention has streamlined and optimized countless jobs, made innovation quick and easy, and has changed businesses on every level of employment. Because of this, we need many different computer support professionals. Here’s a computer services list that outlines the various jobs associated with computers in the 21st century.

  1. Tech Support
    If you have ever gotten a virus, tech support can solve your issues in a jiffy. Malware is just part of owning a computer, but untangling the mess that they create isn’t something that just anyone can do. That’s why there are specialists dedicated to fixing your technical difficulties.
  2. Digital Marketing Firms
    An estimate suggests that 82.6% of internet users rely on search engines. Many marketing agencies leverage this knowledge through Search Engine Optimization to get their website in front of as many eyes as possible. In fact, many marketing agencies solely focus on online marketing today, using computers to create their entire marketing strategy.
  3. Data Science
    Crunching numbers to form patterns that can predict buying patterns and other phenomena has never been easier. Using computers that can calculate highly complicated data, scientists are in many ways quite capable of predicting the future.
  4. Network Administrators
    These bright individuals figure out how to connect computers in a building to the same network. This can take place through WiFi or hard wiring but is tricky unless you have proper training.
  5. Cloud Service Providers
    Companies that provide cloud services are reducing data costs and lowering the barriers to entry for businesses worldwide.
  6. Graphic Designers
    Art used to take place on canvas with paint as the medium. Today, graphic designers are using software to replicate those results.
  7. Computer Repair Specialists
    Even computers break. They might be the most useful and sophisticated technology we have access to today, but what happens when they have a hardware malfunction? That’s where the repair specialists come into play.

There are entire industries based on computers. As one of the most important pieces of modern technology, many brilliant minds are continuing to develop their uses in the real world. The above list of computer related services barely even scratches the surface of the many different careers in computing.