5 Common IT Mistakes To Avoid


The average business is evolving to accommodate online communication, remote employees, and rapidly advancing technology. With this in mind, it is important that the average IT department is evolving as well. When analyzing your IT strategy, make sure that you are not making any of the following mistakes. Even small errors can lead to IT security breaches and other technological issues.

  1. You are only focusing on external threats. A shocking 57% of small businesses reported security breaches by their own staff in the past few years. This stresses the importance of monitoring your new and existing employees for potential cyber threats. Be sure to educate your staff about how to handle suspicions of internal threats.
  2. You haven’t hired enough IT employees. Computer maintenance needs are unpredictable, so make sure you have enough staff to handle these issues in a timely manner. While the perfect number of IT employees depends on the size of your organization, make sure that you are not overwhelming your staff with too many pressing tasks at once. You want them to be thorough in their repairs, so make sure that you are not stretching their skills too thin.
  3. You aren’t backing up your data enough. As your business continues to store data and produce content electronically, make sure that you have the best possible backup server in place. More businesses are turning to cloud computing to achieve this goal, so see what type of service is best for you. Have your IT staff set this system to back up important data frequently.
  4. You are keeping the same strategies. Your business’ IT support and services should be evolving with the technology you use. This can easily slip through the cracks as your company continues its busy schedule, so hire an IT consultant to analyze your IT department’s knowledge.
  5. You are forgetting about personal devices. If you have remote employees, or allow your in house employees to bring their personal devices to work, you will need to add another layer of IT security and services. To account for these personal devices, be sure to add security measures to your office WiFi.

While IT department shortcomings can be detrimental to your business’ productivity and security, they are also simple to avoid. By equipping your IT department with the best tools and knowledge, you can ensure their preparedness for handling any tech problem.