5 Clear Signs of a Virus You Shouldn’t Ignore


Needing computer help is more common than you think. Nine in 1,000 computers are bogged down by spam. This might not seem like that much, but when you weigh all the private information people store on their computers, not to mention how reliant Americans are on technology for banking, even one in a million computers hosting spam seems like too much. If any of the following symptoms seem familiar, talk to computer repair technicians to find the solution to your problems.

  1. Uncommanded Actions
    If your cursor starts moving about independently of your actions, or new tabs and windows start opening themselves, you’re probably infected with a virus derived from spam. If new programs start running on your computer and you don’t know how to stop them, it’s best to shut down your computer and call a computer repair service.
  2. Crashing
    If you’re computer crashes unexpectedly, it isn’t necessarily a virus. Sometimes computers overheat with excessive use while running too many programs. That said, if everything seems normal, and you don’t have any pending system updates, but your computer crashes, it’s best to call a professional to sort out the problem.
  3. Ads
    The internet is full of ads, and it’s annoying to everybody. Still, most ads are relatively harmless. If you start getting ads outside of your web browser, you might need computer support services.
  4. Unauthorised Sent Email
    If there are sent emails that you never authorized or drafted inside of your sent folder, you should change your password immediately. This is especially important for work emails, as there is a large network of computers at work that would all be placed at risk. Getting business computer support is crucial in this case.
  5. Toolbars
    One of the most obvious ways of knowing you have a virus or spam is by opening up your browser and finding two things changed. The first thing you’ll notice is a gigantic toolbar running parallel to your URL box. Then you’ll see that your homepage is something completely different. This type of virus can range from fairly benign to incredibly malicious. To avoid potential information theft, seek computer help immediately.

There’s no shame in admitting you are in need of computer help. When your computer is showing spam-like advertisements, programs, or activities, get it fixed immediately. If you need expert tech support help, contact us today with your issue. We’re more than happy to help.