4 Modern Ways To Keep Your Corporate Data Safe


A growing concern in the digital business marketplace is cybersecurity. Keeping all of your business information online is fine and necessary most of the time, but when there’s a security breach, all of your best laid business plans can come tumbling down. That’s why you need business IT consulting and computer services to assist in building a cyber security protocol that will protect against these external actors. Here are a few ways IT support can help protect your corporate data from hackers.

  1. Stronger Passwords
    Misplaced or easily guessed passwords provide a serious weak point for any malicious actor to get through. One strategy that has taken off in some companies is having certain requirements for creating stronger passwords. These techniques can include special characters, numbers, capital letters, character count, and more. Not only is this a great company-wide solution to lost or stolen passwords, but it will protect your systems from computer programs that can crack simple passwords. In addition, ensure that your company’s most important passwords are changed regularly as a matter of company policy.
  2. 2FA
    For the cyber security paranoid, use two-factor authentication, (2FA) for short. There are several forms of two-factor authentication, but it requires a user to provide two forms of authentication in order to log in. In one popular form of 2FA, after a user enters a correct password, the system will send a text to the employee’s phone containing a one-time number password to log in.
  3. Terminated Employee Credentials
    If you didn’t already know, 59% of terminated employees steal corporate data before they leave. This can be dangerous for your company, especially if the employee is higher up the corporate food chain. That said, if you plan on firing an employee, you always have the option, through business computer support, to terminate their credentials prior to letting them go. If they quit, make sure to terminate their credentials immediately after they leave the office.
  4. ‘White Hat’ Hackers
    If you feel like your company is at risk for attacks from outside actors, white hat services can help you test your defense systems. White hat refers to ethical hackers operating within the law, some of whom make money by finding security flaws in a network by breaching it. Then, your company will know exactly where to reinforce security and no corporate data will be lost to bad actors in the future.

Business computer support is an important part of any online business. Being so deeply integrated with the web of connectivity that you are using to read these words, it is safe to assume that you value the security of your corporation’s data. To malicious actors, though, nothing is sacred. If you want more information on how to keep your business data safe, contact a business computer support team today.