4 Common Hardware Problems That Will Ruin Your Productivity


If you have a broken computer, it can be difficult to perform your job as expected. Worldwide, the two top internet activities are search engine use and email. These are both important to many people for work, and they obviously can’t be done with a broken computer. Local computer repair and other business computer services are integral to any well-oiled business, but for individual workers and freelancers, these services can be a lifeline.

Just in case you’re currently depending on an aging laptop or desktop computer for work, here are some typical hardware problems that computers run into as they age.

  1. Keyboard and Mouse Stop Working
    Though this can be a problem with the drivers, old computers have likely seen a lot of use. ‘A lot of use’ entails the keyboard and other accessories being plugged in and unplugged frequently. This can, over time, wear down the connection in the USB port. Having a new port installed is entirely possible at a local computer repair company. Also, don’t forget about the wear and tear that comes from constant daily use of these computer accessories. If you’re lucky, a new keyboard or mouse is all you need to get back online.
  2. Blue Screen Of Death
    If your computer turns off and then boots to a blue screen with white words all over it, the operating system has experienced a fatal error. This could be due to overheating, a dead hard drive, or any number of hardware malfunctions. In many cases, it means you need a new computer ASAP.
  3. Graphical Glitches
    If you are getting glitched out pixels, inverted colors, or incorrect displays of any kind, your graphics card is likely dead or dying. This could be the consequence of a burnt out fan in the graphics card or from the sheer age of the device. Replacing the graphics card should fix it under most circumstances. If you aren’t sure how to do this on your own, don’t risk the DIY solution. Contact actual computer repair technicians for professional assistance.
  4. Spontaneous Shutdown
    Spontaneous shutdowns might be a less severe version of a blue screen of death. In short, it doesn’t bode well. It could be that your fan has stopped working, or that it isn’t providing enough cooling power to sufficiently reduce the heat of the processors. If you continuously encounter spontaneous shutdowns, bring your PC or laptop in for computer maintenance.

If you are having any hardware problems with your computer at the office or at home, you will almost certainly see a drop in your productivity. Most of us don’t realize how much we depend on these tools until they slow down. But unlike issues that come from software malfunctions, hardware problems usually require an in-person assessment to fix. To resolve these problems, bring your computer into a local computer repair business to get you back on the right track.