3 Weird Digital Marketing Trends that Actually Work


A lot of online marketing advice repeats the same old tried and true advice: Include a call to action! Engage with your readers! Use catchy headlines! It can all start to feel a little bit like when your mom sent you off on your first day of school and said, “Just be yourself!”

Sometimes, it’s good to be something a little bit more than yourself. Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box — especially when it comes to digital marketing. Consumers have become incredibly savvy to the ways brands have tried to market to them over the years. Today, between 70 and 80% of all web users completely ignore the paid or sponsored ads in search engine queries for this exact reason. People know when they’re being targeted, and more often than not, they don’t like it.

So what are marketing firms supposed to do in order to spice up their strategies? Here are a few trending ideas that might sound a little weird, but have produced amazing results for the brands who are willing to give them a try.

  1. Gamification: How can you make your website or app services more game-like? Think about the success of Pokemon Go, for example. It forced users to literally get on their feet and take action to engage with the brand, and it certainly got people talking. Find a way to turn even a simple computer services list into an interactive experience that rewards users just for playing along.
  2. Be Funny: Okay, so, easier said than done. People are more likely to re-Tweet something that makes them laugh. Topical humor is great, but only when it’s done tastefully. Many social media users love when brands are willing to poke a little bit of fun at themselves, too. So go ahead, release your inner comedian — but make sure it’s actually worth sharing!
  3. Do Something Nice: Showcasing your charitable contributions to the world can also encompass a fine line in digital marketing, since you don’t want to come off as a humblebrag. Casually sponsor a fundraiser and let the charity do the talking for you, or take up a cause that actually connects with your business in some way. A tug at the heartstrings can compel consumers to share your ideas in a way that bolsters your brand in a meaningful way.

The best part about project management in IT is that there’s always new ways to spread content and diversify digital marketing strategies. The possibilities are virtually endless, so long as you’re willing to take a few chances on something weird.