3 Reasons Why Small Business Should Outsource Their IT Services


Small business owners are not only the backbone of the American economy, but they are the embodiment of the American dream. These people are building their own legacy, leaving their mark on their town, state, and the nation.

In the past, small businesses were almost exclusively run by the people with the most at stake: the owners. Even today, employees are often very carefully chosen to reflect the values and beliefs of the small business owner who employs them.

But as information technology becomes increasingly important to businesses, many small businesses have started to struggle to keep up. The issue? For many business owners, the cost of hiring a full-time IT professional is incredibly prohibitive.

One workaround is to outsource your IT needs. But for many business owners, putting such an important part of their business in the hands of another firm can be scary. This guide will show you why small business owners stand to benefit from outsourcing their IT needs to an IT provider.

  1. Save Money
    The most obvious benefit of outsourcing your IT services rather than hiring an in-house IT professional is the money saved. That is because you will not need to create a full-time position, nor will you have to negotiate salary with a qualified professional. You can simply get a quote from an IT provider for the services needed, and then move on to running your business.
  2. Get Only the Services You Need
    Whether you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, help making your network align with IT compliance standards and regulations, or simply need a broken computer repaired, business owners have the ability to tailor their managed IT services to precisely what they need. That means much less waste.
  3. Better Cyber Security
    According to the 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey, a remarkable 87% of small businesses experienced a breach in cyber security during 2012. Working with an IT provider allows you to have the most up-to-date IT security available, meaning that you are significantly less likely to experience a cyber breach.

If you are a small business owner looking to expand your IT infrastructure, outsourcing with an IT provider is a much-needed compromise. While it might feel unnatural to trust someone not directly tied to your business and your mission, United States-based IT providers can be the key to unlocking new customers and more effective practices.