3 Marketing Images Guaranteed To Stir Interest In Your Consumers


We live in an age dominated by images: Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook have become image-based social platforms designed to catch the consumer’s attention. If you’re in the market for a new digital marketing strategy, try incorporating these marketing images into your online marketing.

1. Dogs
Amazon’s Prime Day bust wasn’t the only thing shoppers were talking about on July 16. Amazon’s error message when its servers crashed also featured a dog to placate the consumer. While shoppers were still angry, marketing ideas like this are designed to appeal to a wide range of people and draw in shoppers. Why do you think so many companies utilize a dog mascot when they don’t have anything to do with pets?

2. Memes
Gen Z, the most current generation, is obsessed with posting and sharing memes. These funny visuals paired with joking phrases and captions are designed to get a joke across to a large group of people quickly. Utilizing memes in your arsenal of marketing techniques can be a gamble for the inexperienced user, and timing is everything. Try contacting a marketing firm for tips and tricks regarding meme use for your online marketing.

3. Presentations
Though most slideshows on a homepage seem like clickbait, if a presentation is used correctly, it can be a great way to relay a lot of information to the consumer in a short amount of time. A beautifully designed presentation must be easy to read, visually appealing, and efficient; with this type of marketing, you want to relay information succinctly.

Try different strategies where you play with levels of humor and support. You want to draw your audience in, but remaining professional is key to maintaining your business’ image.

Photos and online visual have become popular in the marketing world because of their universality; anyone across the globe can become grabbed by a striking image. As your business grows from using these kinds of internet marketing strategies, relying on IT security solutions is essential to keeping your business safe. Nearly 87% of small businesses were impacted by a breach of internet security in 2012. New innovations in marketing technology and IT security solutions will enable your business to thrive.