3 Facts About Network Security Every IT Expert Knows


We hear about network security breaches, hackers, cyber-criminals and data leaks on a near-daily basis. These threats affect businesses small and large alike; in fact, a stunning 87% of small businesses faced a security breach during 2012 alone.

When a data breach can bring your business to its knees in an instant, leaking employees’ private information and exposing other sensitive data, it’s essential to protect your computer networks against these threats. However, most small businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to combat these cyber-attacks.

Want to learn more about how today’s IT experts work to protect their network security systems? Make your own business’ networks infinitely more secure with these three pieces of expert advice:

Strong passwords are more effective than you think
Did you know that 80% of all cyber breaches take place as a result of weak passwords? Passwords that are easy to remember — like “12345,” “abcdefg” and your name — are also easy for hackers to guess. By requiring your employees to create strong passwords, and by establishing a two-step login system, you can ward off a good chunk of potential threats to your network security systems.

New devices aren’t automatically safe
It can be easy to assume that any new computers or computer hardware your business purchases will be completely free of malware and protected from any vulnerabilities. Shockingly, however, this isn’t always true. A number of devices come with vulnerable adware and backdoors already installed on their systems. In fact, nine out of every 1,000 will be infected with spam on average!

HTTPS should never be optional
Critics of HTTPS websites claim they’re too slow, that it doesn’t really protect websites from cyber-attacks or that it’s only for websites that need to be ultra-secure. These are all dangerous misconceptions, however. Without HTTPS, you website is essentially exposed to hackers and other eavesdroppers, allowing them to easily access what data your site is processing — and even alter this data.

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