3 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in Need of IT Consulting


Every business currently in operation uses the Internet for any number of tasks. Not only does the success of the company rely on the web, but the security of their customers’ does as well. All online portals are connected to a store of personal and sensitive information. It just takes an individual with a laptop, determined to get their hands on it to find this critical info.

You would hope that as technology improves, cyber security threats would become less of a problem. However, there are a few risk factors that computer software can’t eliminate on its own without human intervention and IT consulting. Even the federal government has experienced an increase in cyber security breaches of nearly 680% over the past six years.

Here are just a few such cyber security vulnerabilities:

  1. Insecure passwords: Although most know that ineffective passwords have long been the bane of cybersecurity, it hasn’t stopped people from using their trusty “123456” or “password1” codes. As many as 80% of all cyber breaches are a result of weak admin passwords. Hackers have an extensive knowledge of the most commonly used passwords and have no trouble cracking them.
  2. Human factor: Network security systems can do little good if the people using them leave vulnerabilities. Emails are a prime example. Out of the 60 billion emails sent each day, around 97% are spam, many of which may be malicious. If clicked on, there’s little your computer can do to stop the problem.

    It’s easy to just let these messages sit in your junk for months on end, but it’s important to be able to differentiate between malicious and secure messages. IT consulting services can not only show employees what malicious emails might look like, but also implement programs designed to weed out the most deceiving attacks.

  3. Emerging technologies: While new and improved technologies are still the best shot at enhanced security in the future, it also means that hackers will have better technology at their disposal. Because technology evolves so quickly, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the possible cyber threats. Network security management can keep a system up-to-date with the latest drivers and add-ons for security programs to maintain their impenetrability.

While the benefits of having a website and a digital infrastructure can be priceless, it could do more harm than good without the proper security and business IT consulting. Keeping your customers safe will keep your business safe.