3 Clever Inbound Marketing Strategies For The Digital Era


Did you know that inbound leads are 61% less expensive than outbound-generated leads? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an excellent example of this. The theory behind why leads like those generated from SEO are more effective has to do with how the customer comes to your product. When people search for something, they tend to view the top google results as more trustworthy. On top of that, they feel like they’ve found the product organically. So, what is the most effective digital marketing strategy used to generate inbound leads?

Best Digital Marketing Strategies
When looking for the best digital marketing firm, make sure they provide services for these highly effective strategies.

  1. Social Media Ads – This type of advertisement works especially well if you’ve developed a viral-worthy product. Fidget spinners were spread through sly social media ads, and when they gained traction they carried the hype without much more than shares and likes. Charleston internet marketing can teach you more about social media marketing skills.
  2. Loyalty Offers – It’s one thing to generate leads, but how do you build a loyal customer base? You keep them engaged with offers, something that holds value to them over time. Points programs that allow your customer to get a free small item as a reward for buying a lot of other items are surprisingly effective. Most major gas stations offer their own version of this concept with gas points. Another similar way a loyalty program can work is by offering exclusivity. Look at Amazon. The integration of prime into users lives has surely played a part in their successful online market dominance.
  3. Surveys – Sending out surveys to your mailing list, and posting the content on your site can be a great way to generate leads. People like feeling as if they are contributing to something, and if the questions your survey asks are relevant to your industry but don’t push your product, it might end up driving traffic your way. The best part is, even if you see minimal lead generation results from the survey itself, you will still have gathered valuable information on your target demographic. This information can be further used to advertise more effectively using other strategies.

These three inbound digital marketing strategies are just the tip of the iceberg. SEO and content marketing, in general, are both immensely valuable alongside email marketing and infographics. Charleston internet marketing is an excellent resource to find out more about the best inbound lead generating strategies. Whether you want help designing a survey, or need professional SEO services, Charleston internet marketing can provide these services and educate you along the way.