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ITS’ CompleteCloud solution has served businesses across the country by reducing cost, strengthening security, growing efficiency and performance, implementing disaster recovery, and completely eliminating the need for expensive hardware purchases. CompleteCloud includes everything you rely on for your business IT and will completely free your company from the endless cycle of capital expenses, maintenance, and IT upkeep. The CompleteCloud Utility Model allows your business to purchase your technology needs based on a user per month price model that scales with your business. All of the IT needed to run your business is included in this cost and provided through business enterprise level equipment at no additional cost for your organization.

With CompleteCloud, your IT becomes a return to rationality through having the most secure, dependable, predictable, and affordable solution on the market for businesses today.

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Integrated Technology Services

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Founded in 2003 by Michael and Tiffiny, Integrated Technology Services is your family-owned business partner for all IT support needs such as managing, protecting, building
and growing your IT network.
We cater to a wide range of businesses, and our current portfolio comprises 300 companies in the Low Country area.