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Recognized by our customers as bringing integrity and professionalism into the IT service industry, ITS delivers a best-in-class Managed Service offering that combines a base portfolio of over 15 different software services intended to keep your business secure, adaptable, and always running.

With our 18+ years of experience, 24×7 support, predictable costs, and economical consulting approach, we are confident you will be properly cared for and that ULTIMATELY, we’ve got your back!

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24x7 remote support that answers on average within 17 seconds and has a 99% Customer Satisfaction.

Security First

Born out the Department of Defense, our team takes your security seriously. We have knowledge of NIST 800-171 and are able to handle and advise on CMMC, DFARS, HIPPA and more!

Dedicated Account Manager

Every customer gets a dedicated account manager that allows you to review our risk assessment, strategic initiatives and much more!
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Department of Defense
Law Firms
Professional Services

Department of Defense

Born out of the Defense industry, ITS has experience to create high compliance IT environments. If it’s CMMC, DFARS or other NIST 800-171 derivatives, ITS can provide the best-in-class solutions and guidance to get your business compliant.


ITS’ largest and most successful industry is Healthcare. For years, ITS has supported and enhanced the daily operations of healthcare firms. We understand the uniqueness presented in a healthcare IT environment and have the experience to navigate your HIPPA needs.


Technology plays a central role in manufacturing companies, but most manufacturers are not using technology at their full potential. Whether it’s uptime, MRPs and ERPs or floor integration, we understand that your success relies greatly on precision and custom features that we will manage and monitor with our plethora of experience.


With a spread-out workforce, the need for integration and a mobile graphics solution, ITS is prepared to guide construction companies to the nations best IT solutions. We have experience with many of the major construction names in town and are happy to help.

Law Firms

At ITS we put cybersecurity and uptime first for law firms. Managing and directing the day to day our industry experience is here to maxize your billable hours and keep your law firm ahead of the risks.

Professional Services

ITS proudly serves all corners of the Professional Service Industry including engineers, architects, financial services, professional trades, accountants, and logistic companies. Our experience will help you protect your business from cyber threats, adapt to the ever-changing industry and keep your employees working.


You Don’t Need A Computer Science Degree To Steer Clear Of Viruses

Anyone can master the basics with a little guidance from the experts

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If you’re looking for ways to protect your business’s data, this free eBook won’t let you down. It’s an unbiased look at what precautions SMBs should take, with or without outside help.

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